Innovate your business

Are you looking to design and bring new products or services to market? Improve on existing offerings? Or design new ways to add more value for your current customer base? In other words, more sales and higher customer satisfaction?

Imagejo results coaching helps you (and your team) to innovate and strategize your new or existing business offerings. From workshops to get you going, to 1 on 1 coaching for you or your team. From designing your value proposition(s), creating the best business models, giving your customers the ultimate journey, to validating the assumptions you make during the design process.

Are you looking for innovation strategists that have broad experience in innovation and are familiar with every part of the lean innovation process, that can deliver workshops, strategize and coach at management and executive level, look no further and let’s talk!

Innovate your life

At Imagejo we recognize that even people with the same resources can still have very different results. Whether in business or in your personal life your psychology/ mindset is key.

Being a leader or leading a ‘team of one’ (yourself), how do you show up? How do you communicate with people in your team, at work or at home? What goals do you set for yourself? Do you have systems that you actually use to make you go towards your goals as fast as possible?

Sometimes innovation in our personal lives let us move faster in our professional lives as well. Are you committed to a new version of you, whether in business or in your personal life and do whatever it takes? Let’s talk!

Present with impact

Are you able to communicate your ideas to audiences, management, peers or investors? In a way that they understand you and they want to take the next step you designed for them to take? Are you able to control your nerves? Do you know how to build a presentation or pitch that moves people and makes them see the real and powerful you?

Imagejo helps groups in workshops and individuals in 1 on 1 training to get ready to present for small and big audiences. We cover a wide range of important elements. From the structure of your pitch, important aspects of designing your slides, to how you are delivering your message without nerves and being you. In our one on one program we design a step by step approach and work with you to make sure you deliver your story at the next level. Isn’t it time to invest in yourself or your organization? Let’s talk!

Geert van Vlijmen
Strategy Designer and Results Coach

Geert is an entrepreneur, strategy designer and results coach. He supports executives, management teams, entre/intrapeneurs and individuals to design new innovation strategies for their businesses and life’s to get tangible results. Based on 16 years online innovation experience, from start-up to corporate, Geert helps to strategize, design and map (new) value propositions on customer insights through lean customer and product development. And when it is time to pitch, Geert enables presenters to create a winning pitch or presentation. In the past Geert worked for over 10 years at a large corporate B2B publisher as a new business developer and is owner and founder of Imagejo. With a history of operating in the triangle between end-user, (new) concepts and technology, he is passionate about innovation & entrepreneurship in the field of new media. Geert’s work ranges from workshops, strategizing with management and C-level to one on one coaching.
Geert challenges teams and individuals to translate customer insights into valuable actions.

Trusted by startups, SME’s and worlds biggest corporates

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